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Cornwall Air Ambulance Raises £30,000 through Celebrity Lunch Celebrating 30 Years of Medical Flight Service


This year, Cornwall Air Ambulance celebrates 30 years of medical flight service. It is the oldest air ambulance to be in service in the U.K. The air ambulance charity had an anniversary event back in April, which was attended by former patients and employees. Now Cornwall Air Ambulance has organized a celebrity lunch, which helped them raise more funds for their operations.

A Successful Lunch Attended by Celebrities

To celebrate the air ambulance charity’s 30th year of operations, John Casson, a resident of Cornwall, decided to host a fundraising lunch on 14 June. To attract interest to the event, he invited journalist and talk show host Sir Michael Parkinson.

This helped attract lots of interest to the event and all tickets were soon sold out. The event was attended by 60 guests, who enjoyed a champagne reception and a three-course lunch. During the lunch, they also had an auction to help raise funds for the medical flight service. Sir Michael also had a fun question-and-answer session as other guests enjoyed their lunch.

All in all, the event managed to raise £33,000, which will help fund the operations of Cornwall Air Ambulance.

Medical Flight Service Expresses Gratitude to Sir Michael

James Oxley with Cornwall Air Ambulance expressed the air ambulance’s gratitude to both John Casson and Sir Michael Parkinson, who each made valuable contributions for supporting their service. Every year, they carry out 700 missions during which they provide urgent and critical medical care to those in need.

And since they’re a charity, they have to rely on the generosity of others to maintain their operations. The fundraising lunch helped meet some of the financial needs of the air ambulance. With the funds raised at the event, they will be able to save more lives.

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