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Cornwall’s Medical Air Transport Saves 11 Children in One Month


In the month of March alone, Cornwall Air Ambulance in England carried out 38 missions. Out of these 38, over a quarter of them were missions to rescue children. The monthly figures showed that the medical air transport service managed to help 11 children along with toddlers and babies.

Busy Month for Cornwall Air Ambulance

Figures for March showed that Cornwall Air Ambulance transported 16 patients to Derriford and 14 to Treliske. In a special case, one woman with a cardiac arrest was flown from Treliske to the Bristol Royal Family in just over an hour.

During Easter, the service carried out six missions in Lifton, Mawgan, Bude, Holsworthy, Porthreath, and Launceston. While the helicopter was stood down in one mission, it helped five patients with medical emergencies during the long weekend. Three of the emergencies involved cardiac arrest patients and one involved a patient suffering seizures.

Efficient Medical Air Transport Service Carried Out

Over the course of one month, Cornwall Air Ambulance attended to patients in different kinds of medical emergencies. Seven of the injuries were due to falls, two due to road accidents and another two due to severe burns. Even when the helicopter was grounded due to bad weather, the paramedic aircrew managed to use Rapid Response Vehicles to safely transport five patients.

The average time taken by the medical air transport service to reach patients during March was 12.5 minutes. They spent 26 minutes in average to treat patients on scene, while they managed to safely transport them within just 13 minutes.

The emergency medical service provided by Cornwall Air Ambulance is beyond exceptional especially for the month of March. Even when the service runs on charitable donations alone, it still manages to carry out its duties efficiently. The charity thanks its supporters for their generosity, which enabled flight paramedics to rescue people in times of need.

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