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Couple Shows Support for Air Ambulance Services by Raising £7,000


During 2017, a couple in their seventies has raised close to £7,000 to help fund air ambulance services in Oxfordshire. Ray and Janet Dawson have credited their fundraising accomplishment to the generosity of people who dropped their coins in the tin they have prepared for the occasion.

Donations Made to Thames Valley Air Ambulance Services

By the end of the year, the couple from Grove managed to raise funds amounting to £6,958.66. These funds will go to funding the operations of Thames Valley Air Ambulance. The couple went out on a regular basis to raise funds for the charity. They visited places such as Tesco stores, village co-ops, village fetes and fairs, etc. as part of their fundraising effort.

The 76-year-old grandfather, Ray Dawson has expressed his gratitude towards residents of Wantage and Grove as well as the surrounding areas. He also thanked all the shops that have shown support for the couple’s fundraising efforts.

Former Career Inspired Ray Dawson to Begin Raising Funds

Ray Dawson has had a career in emergency services, having served as a driver for fire a private ambulance. He has even served as a driver for a fire engine at the Crowley car works, which is based in Oxford. Having seen their work firsthand, this former career inspired Mr. Dawson to start raising funds for air ambulance services. His wife, Janet then decided to join him in his efforts.

According to Mr. Dawson, he has seen what these emergency services can do to save people’s lives. He also talked about how badly these services require financial support in order to continue their operations. He said that emergency services are what can get people “back to work” and are in vital need of their fundraising efforts.

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