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CSI Aviation Receives Certification to Provide Medical Flight Service in Texas


CSI Aviation has made an announcement of a new certification they have received that will enable them to provide medical flight service in Texas. The Texas Department of State Health Services has certified the company to carry out critical care and specialty care flights in the state. CSI Aviation will be able to help save more lives of critically ill or injured patients in the region.

Medical Flight Service to be Part of Aviation Offerings CSI Aviation Provides

According to the company’s Vice President of Sales Marc Ramthun, CSI Aviation already operates in Texas and has had a long history of providing different types of aviation services in the state. Ramthun also stated that the company is excited to add medical care flight services to this long list of aviation services.

CSI Aviation also played an important role in aiding Texas after it was hit by Hurricane Harvey. The company’s subsidiary, Seeker Aircraft, used their fixed-wing light observation aircraft, a SB7L-360 to provide support to the state. The aircraft had a critical role to play in the post-hurricane search and rescue efforts as well as surveillance efforts.

CSI Aviation’s Fleet All Ready for Critical Care Flights

The company is all ready to begin its medical flight service in the Texas region. They have a dedicated fleet comprising of a King Air 200 and a King Air 300 to carry out the service. They have already equipped the aircrafts to transport critically ill or injured people.

CSI Aviation has used Spectrum Aeromed systems to equip the aircrafts they’re planning to use for the service. All flights will have a crew of certified medical care personnel on board. The crew will be responsible for administering essential medical care to patients who are being transported to a medical facility.

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