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Department of Defense Honors Leadership of REVA Air Ambulance


The Department of Defense honored the leadership team of REVA air ambulance recently. The recipients were the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, Shannon Schell, as well as the Director of Human Resources, Kendal Stoltz. The award came after the two were nominated by their employees. While Shannon Schell was nominated by Stephen Hallenbeck who is a flight nurse, Kendal Stoltz, was nominated by Alan Greene who was the air ambulance company’s flight captain, Alan Greene. The award is usually presented to those employers who go out of their way to accommodate and help military personnel.

How Did REVA Air Ambulance Help the Military?

Kendal had played a major role in helping Alan join the military. He had been a part of the air ambulance organization as a fixed-wing medical evacuation pilot and today, he is an Air Force pilot who flies F-15s. He revealed that his journey of pursuing the dream of being a military pilot was fueled by the support given by the leadership of REVA air ambulance, especially the Director of Human Resources. The president, Shannon, after receiving the award said, “Our organization fully supports former and current members of the military who work with us. It’s the mindset of REVA to support the military 100 percent.”

The Award was a Complete Surprise

Schell said he had no idea that he was being honored. In fact, he was in the company headquarters in Fort Lauderdale when the personnel from the Department of Defense arrived there. He was on the phone when he was told that the military personnel had come to meet him. Schell whose father had served in the military and had been a part of the Vietnam War said that he was proud of what Alan had achieved. From being an intern at REVA air ambulance to being a part of the United States Air Force is no small feat but he was glad to have witnessed this journey he said.

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