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Do You Have it In You to be a Medical Flight Pilot?


The job of the medical flight pilot, no doubt, sounds very glamorous. Well, unlike the military, civil aviation does not demand that the person wanting to be a pilot must have very specific physical attributes. However, the mental makeup of a person is extremely important if he is to thrive in the medical flight industry. Here we bring you a few of them.

Situational Awareness is Vital for a Medical Flight Pilot

The scene of an emergency can be quite appalling, yet the medical flight pilot might need to take quick decisions to get the patient to the medical destination on time. The ability to think on your toes is extremely important in situations like these. Not letting the bravado cloud your judgement during an emergency situation is also crucial. All factors such as weather, terrain, time in hand, etc., must be taken into consideration, lest the chance of putting the lives of the crew members in jeopardy.

Attention to Detail Counts

A pilot must conduct a thorough, yet quick check of all the necessary equipment and the medical flight itself before takeoff. It is obvious that once in the skies, there is no turning back. It’s therefore necessary to get things right the first time around.

Excellent Communication Skills

Pilots do not function in silos. They need to be constantly in touch with the medical personnel as well as ground flight control professionals. The ability to describe any situation clearly in the minimal possible time can save time as well as facilitate quick actions.

A Calm Mind when the Heat is On

The life of a medical flight pilot is filled with action most of the time. Emergencies often pop up without any prior warning. The success of a medical flight might hugely depend on the clarity of thoughts that a pilot displays, and for that, he or she must maintain a calm demeanor at all times.

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