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Don’t Worry about Medical Flight if You’re Travelling to Haiti


Haiti, the former colony of France, in the Western Hemisphere is among the popular tourist destinations, particularly among the people of the United States. However, Haiti has its own problems and standard of healthcare is among them. Adequate healthcare during travel is a concern among most visitors to the country.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries of the country has now come up with a brilliant idea to tackle this issue. To assure people of adequate health care access during their travels, the Ministry has combined medical flight services along with tour packages. The medical flight services can be availed to travel domestically as well as internationally.

The Cost of Medical Flight Service

The best part is that the medical flight coverage has been made extremely affordable. The membership agreement reveals that the cost for individuals who visit the country in groups will only be $20. The medical flight coverage would last for 21 days after arrival in Haiti. Individuals who register online can avail the coverage at a cost of just $25 and it would last a total of 14 days after arrival.

Who is offering the Medical Flight Service?

The services would be offered by Ayiti Air Anbilans, which is a non-profit organization through its helicopters. The organization has a tie up with Air Methods Corporation (AMC). It is worthy to note that Ayiti Air Anbilans medical flight service offers the citizens of Haiti evacuations to any of the designated 15 medical facilities regardless of their ability to pay. In a country where ground transport connectivity is quite rough, this comes as a great relief to the citizens.

AMC had delivered two Bell 407 choppers to Ayiti Air Anbilans roughly a year and a half ago. President Martelly and the First Lady, Sophia Martelly, had taken a keen interest in the project during its inception back in June of 2014.

For you, this means a worry-free vacation in Haiti, thanks to the affordable medical flight services.

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