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Drone Air Ambulance Services All Set to Take Up Certain Medical Challenges


What do you do when you know that all you need is a certain medication to save a patient who is stuck in heavy traffic? The only way to bypass this obstacle becomes the aerial route and hiring an air ambulance chopper can be too expensive. This is where drone air ambulance services can come into picture. Drones have been tested, in the recent past, to deliver life-saving medical equipments such as defibrillators. Now, this entire concept is being taken to the next level and it’s not just happening in the United States but all over the world. Let’s take a look briefly.

A Wake County Hospital has Tied up with a Drone Company for Air Ambulance Services

You can’t really call drones air ambulances but the services they provide are nothing short of what air ambulances provide, at least to some extent. A hospital in Wake County, North Carolina, has tied up with a drone company, wherein the unmanned drone would deliver life-saving essentials such as blood and medications. The chosen drone model has already completed over 1,800 flights in Switzerland, although the testing of this model for air ambulance services is relatively new in the United States of America.

It is an Experiment that Everyone Expects to Go Right

The Unmanned Aircraft System Integration Pilot Program is currently testing this initiative. The main intent is to extend the use of drones and get governments and innovators together. Drones, in recent times, have seen great acceptance in the society, owing to their wide applicability. From being the ‘pests’ that hinder rescue operations and invade privacy of celebrities to life-saving air ambulance services, they have certainly come a long way. The day would not be far when drones would be used to load patients and take them to the nearest treating facility.

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