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Air Ambulance Technology News

In states such as Idaho where abortion is banned, complications during pregnancy necessitating abortions may lead to patients wanting to avail air ambulance services for out-of-state treatment.
A virtual charitable event in the United Kingdom hopes to raise big money to help local air ambulance services. We take a look.

Why are Turboprop Engines Popular in Air Ambulances?

What is the difference between turboprop and turbojet engines? Why are most air ambulances powered by turboprop engines? We take a look.

Operational Automation for Medical Flight Services

Medical flight services need professional service automation. This investment in technology can offset itself eventually whereas the cost gains and process efficiencies achieved are permanent.

Medical Flight – Conversion from Commercial Aircraft

There are several factors that go into converting a commercial aircraft to a medical flight. What are those? We take a brief look.

Air Ambulance Industry – The Future

The air ambulance industry is headed for a change, and some of these changes can be quite disruptive. How can the industry cope with them?

Medical Flights – Are Flying Cars the Future

Medical flights today are more agile than ever and can reach tough spots with relative ease. The question that remains is this – is...

Air Ambulance Services and Artificial Intelligence

Air ambulance services save thousands of lives each year. From flying to places that are hard to reach for ground ambulance services to meeting...

Remote Monitoring Technology and Medical Flights

When medical flights reach patients, the crew is not always certain what to expect at the scene. The primary reason behind this is the...

Electric Air Ambulances Could be the Next Big Thing

Fuel is among the biggest cost factors for air ambulances around the world without any exception. While there have been several attempts to design...

Live Video Streaming and Air Ambulance Services

Emergencies can occur anywhere and physical help in the form of air ambulance services, although quick, do take some time. Moreover, there is always...

Command and Control Systems for Air Ambulance

The world is surging towards a new era of technology-led businesses and air ambulance industry is not immune to this wave of disruption. The...

Internet of Things Could be the Future of Medical Flight Industry

Disruption is the new norm today where technologies such as Internet of Things are taking the world by storm. No industry today remains untouched...

Drone Air Ambulance Services All Set to Take Up Certain Medical Challenges

What do you do when you know that all you need is a certain medication to save a patient who is stuck in heavy...

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