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Eight-Year-Old-Girl Meets Air Ambulance Doctor Who Save Her


Little did 8-year-old Gracie know that she was going to be treated by an air ambulance doctor on that fateful day. Her mom had stepped away from her for just a few minutes to get her some goodies to eat when the mishap occurred. Gracie had bent over to grab a lip gloss when she slipped and impaled her arm over the railings. An emergency call was immediately made by an onlooker and an air ambulance was contacted. At the time, she was bleeding quite a bit. Any delay in treatment would have resulted in the loss of an arm or excessive bleeding resulting in a threat to her life.

North East Ambulance Service Had Come to Her Rescue

The air ambulance service had reached her on time and taken her to a nearby hospital where she spent the next two days. The little one was out of the hospital shortly and made a full recovery, thanks to the timely intervention of the air ambulance service. She recently got to meet the doctor who had provided the initial treatment. Gracie and her mother, together, are also raising funds for the air ambulance service. So far, the duo has raised over 500 British pounds and are hopeful that they would be able to raise more funds.

The Air Ambulance Service is Calling the Public to Donate More

The air ambulance service has been saving lives for close to a decade. In fact, the service will be 20 soon and has given a renewed call to the community that it saves to raise more funds. The organization revealed that it has responded to over 23,500 calls for help since its inception in the year 2002. They further revealed that their needs were as basic as having funds to fuel the air ambulances to serve the local community.

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