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Federal Investigation Findings into 2016 Air Ambulance Transport Crash


Investigations into air ambulance transport mishaps can go on for years as they are always extremely detailed and tedious. The federal investigation into air ambulance transport crash that occurred in Elko, Nevada, has come out with some findings recently. The crash had made the headlines as it had crashed killing the entire crew as well as the patient. It had only been in the air for a few minutes before it had crashed into a nearby parking lot. The crash had occurred in November of 2016, snuffing the lives of 4 people.

The Findings Pertaining to the Air Ambulance Transport Crash

There was some suspicion raised pertaining to the condition of the air ambulance transport vehicle. It had been revealed that the plane had seen repairs thrice in six weeks preceding the crash. The needle had obviously pointed towards the condition of the vehicle. Moreover, the air ambulance had seemed to lose power as soon as it had gotten airborne. The three instances of repair had been an oil leak fix, fuel control unit replacement, and an engine valve replacement. More importantly, the last repair had been merely three days prior to the unfortunate event. The investigations, however, have categorically stated that mechanical problems or engine malfunction were not the reason for the crash.

Investigations into the Pilots Condition

The investigative agencies naturally look at the condition of the pilots when a crash occurs. It has been revealed that the pilot, in this case, was not under the influence of alcohol or any narcotic substances.

The crash had taken place very close to the Elko Airport. The twin-engine airplane was en route a hospital in Salt Lake City. It had belonged to American Medflight Company. The investigations into the situation that lead to the air ambulance transport vehicle crash are still in progress and more findings are expected to surface over time.

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