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German Air Ambulance Service Takes Extra Step to Protect Crews from Zika


Quick Air Jet Charter, a German air ambulance service has taken laudable steps in protecting their crews from the dreaded Zika virus. The service recently made a statement that they have been using mosquito nets and pump sprays for the past three months. These extra measures are designed to protect both crew members and patients from insect-transmittable diseases.

Extra Measures Taken for Tropical Air Ambulance Missions

The Zika epidemic has resulted in Quick Air Jet Charter supplying its crew members with special pump sprays that serve as tropical insect repellant. Additionally, the crew members are also supplied with mosquito nets, which are especially handy for overnight stays during missions. The air ambulance service has ensured to use these measures for all of its tropical air ambulance missions.

Aside from this, Quick Air Jet Charter equips their aircrafts with customized mosquito nets. These mosquito nets can be used to cover the doors of their Learjet 35, 36, and 55. The customized mosquito nets are designed for efficiency and ease of use; they’re easy to fix and remove and can be stored in small bags when not in use.

Using Customized Nets for Air Ambulance Service

According to Quick Air Jet Charter, the crews use these customized mosquito nets during technical landings, which are made to refuel. They also use them during the patient loading process for optimal safety. The crew members seem to be appreciating these measures, using the nets even when on a non-tropical mission.

The company developed these customized mosquito nets at its ASK (Air Service Klausheide) aircraft maintenance facility. The facility is located within the Munstar Osnabruck International Airport. Quick Air Jet Charter also expresses their willingness to support other air ambulance operations with these nets at a cost of $1,000 for each net along with a bag.

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