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This Grandmom Raises Over $2.5 Million for Airambulance


Jenny Ashman is a 74-year-old British woman who has been raising funds for a Midlands airambulance since about 2 decades. Ashman is a former special education teacher. She is a regular at the local fun fairs, golf clubs, senior citizen’s clubs, schools and even working men’s club where she arrives with her bucket for charity money. Jenny says it’s come to a point where people instantly recognize her as the lady who collects charity for the chopper.

How did Jenny’s Affair with Airambulance Charity Start?

Jenny recalls that it all started 20 years ago when she sold some old chairs for a small amount. When she asked for that money from her son, who was a medic at an airambulance charity, he suggested donating it to his charity. That was only the beginning. From thereon, there was no turning back for Jenny as she started showing up everywhere for the noble cause of raising money for Midlands airambulance charity. The adorable old lady jokingly says that she has no other talent apart from talking a lot and she uses this talent well. She also says that she never dreamt that she would be able to raise the kind of money she has, considering that several donations come as pennies from people of all walks of life.

Why do it Specifically for Airambulance Charity?

Jenny is especially concerned about the country folks. She understands that their only chance of survival when there is a medical emergency is airambulance. She says, when roads are a couple of miles away from where you live, the only reliable mode of transport during emergencies is airambulance.

The national Air Ambulance Awards of Excellence that recognizes exemplary work in the field of airambulance recently honored Jenny. She was presented with the Charity Volunteer of the Year Award during the grand event. Celebrities like TV anchor, Louise Minchin, and comedian, Dr. Phil Hammond, were present during the event.

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