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How to Improve the Decontamination Process of Air Ambulance Transport Vehicles


Due to years of lifesaving services, Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance crew has been hailed as rural heroes of the nation. The charity launched in 2013 and has since completed more than 1,330 missions throughout Scotland. The team has provided air ambulance transport not only in the Scottish mainland but also across all the islands.

Air Ambulance Transport a Boon for Rural Areas

Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance provided quick paramedic care and swift transportation of patients to medical facilities. In many cases, their rapid response made all the difference between life and death. The case is especially true for patients in remote and rural regions. As a result of this, the charity has been declared “a crucial lifeline” that the nation desperately needs. They received recognition at the Scottish Rural Awards held in Edinburgh.

Unanimous vote for Air Ambulance Crew

The air ambulance transport crew was unanimously chosen by the judges to receive the Rural Heroes Award. Scotland’s Charity Air Ambulance is currently operated by five paramedics and two pilots. According to the awards’ judges, the services provided by the crew were truly remarkable and could potentially benefit every resident of Scotland.

Due to their dedication, the crew has been able to provide emergency medical care to the seriously ill or injured especially in rural areas. David Craig, Chief Executive of the charity stated that their air ambulance crew played a major role in saving the lives of rural residents.

The team believes they’re just doing their jobs and do not consider themselves as heroes. But Craig stated that the team’s job involves a high level of skill and dedication as well as mental and physical endurance. Because of the team’s ability to deliver on these requirements, it’s not an overstatement to call them heroes.

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