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In Focus: The Medical Flight Crash of December 15


Honolulu’s Coast Guard reported that Hawaii Life Flight’s C90 Beechcraft King Air had lost radar contact with it. Three crew members and no patients were on board the medical flight at the time. The medical helicopter took off from Kahului and was headed for the airport in Waimea-Kohala. The plane was flying at a height of roughly 5,000 feet. Global Medical Response confirmed that the crew was flying to Hawaii Island to pick up a patient at the time the aircraft left. The company spokesperson stated, “We are doing everything we can to bring our team members home.” The wreckage has reportedly been located, but there are no survivors, according to recent reports.

The Wreckage of the Medical Flight has been Recovered

According to officials, most of the wreckage and remains of those who died were found on Tuesday. On Thursday, a salvage ship from California carrying the wreckage docked in Honolulu Harbor. A pilot, a flight paramedic, and a flight nurse perished in the Hawaii Life Flight twin-engine plane crash on December 15. According to a preliminary report, the pilot may have lost consciousness and control of the aircraft. The bodies are being transported to Oahu, where the Honolulu Medical Examiner will formally identify them when they arrive Thursday morning, according to the city. Families previously identified the crew as consisting of flight nurse Courtney Parry, flight paramedic Gabriel Camacho, and pilot Brian Treptow.

A Look at the Incoming Reports

The investigation is still ongoing, but according to incoming reports, a pilot flying north saw the crash and said, “It started out turning right, then entered a spiraling right descending turn, which steepened as the descent increased. “The witness said he watched the airplane continue to descend until it struck the surface of the water,” the NTSB continued. The pilot reportedly lost his bearings on a stormy, moonless night, according to reports. There hasn’t been any mention of bad weather, maintenance problems, or mechanical problems as of yet. A cockpit recorder on board the aircraft could provide additional information about what transpired.

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