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Innovative Air Ambulance Services for COVID-19 Emergencies


If there is one thing that the US excels in, it is the innovativeness with which the country conducts business. Even in the face of the unprecedented crisis that the Coronavirus has brought about, forward-looking entrepreneurs have found ways to make lives comfortable for people, while finding business opportunities in doing so. This is precisely what makes the country great. It is one such business that involves air ambulance services that we highlight here. The United States has recently relaxed a few travel restrictions and this innovative idea takes birth in the backdrop of this new development.

The Problem of Evacuation During COVID-19

The country has recently relaxed the Global Level 4 Health Advisory which restricted travel. This means Americans can now freely fly to several countries around the world. While many Americans may look forward to this, the fear of being stranded in a foreign country due to Coronavirus infection is still a risk and can deter them from carrying out their plans. In fact, once a person tests positive, most countries do not allow travel. Hospital admission and quarantine becomes mandatory in such circumstances. A start-up has found an opportunity in this fear that is widely prevalent in the country today.

International Evacuation with a Difference

Covac Global, which is a start-up, offers memberships at prices that start around USD 1000. The start-up promises to offer evacuation even before a person is tested positive. In essence, the problem starts when the patient is officially tested positive, but the start-up promises to conduct the evacuation much before that. The mere prevalence of a few symptoms like a cough is enough for the company to initiate the evacuation process. Reports suggest – considering the risks involved – the company promises to take safety precautions during travel. If you are traveling abroad, this is one membership that you must consider.

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