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Is It Time to Revise the Air Ambulance Fee Structure?


Did you know that certain health insurance companies, in some states approve, as little as 200 USD for an air ambulance service? That seems like a pittance when you take the average air ambulance cost, which is around 25,000 USD. While regulations are being formed to compel air ambulance companies to bring down their charges, there is not as much being done to regulate the reimbursements that medical insurance companies are offering. What the air ambulance industry has stressed time and again is that there needs to be a fair amount that is reimbursed so that the end consumer is not slapped with balance payments, which can be quite huge.

How Can Air Ambulance Fee Structure Be Helpful?

Industry experts have been vocal in pointing out the fact that the air ambulance fee structure needs to be revised. The revision in fee structure will also necessitate that the health insurance companies look at air ambulance service in renewed light where they are compelled to reconsider their reimbursements. In fact, an association of air ambulances is trying to get in a bipartisan bill that seeks to modernize air ambulance fee schedule. It should be noted, in this context, that the schedule has not been looked at in the past 20 years.

Rural United States Needs Air Ambulance Services

With hospitals in the rural United States shutting down rapidly, air ambulance services are the only shot at proper health care for people in those regions. People must also understand the concept of ‘golden hour’, which is the time by which, if a patient gets adequate care, his survival chances increase hugely. Often, this is only possible by getting the patients to a well-equipped hospital through air ambulance services. It is time that people and government realize the importance of air ambulance services and give the industry what is due.

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