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ITIJ International Air Ambulance Awards Announced


The ITIJ international air ambulance awards were announced on the 2nd of this month and this year, the winner has been Air Alliance. They were awarded with the trophy of being the Air Ambulance Provider of the year. In the past, companies like Reva have won the award and were finalists this year too.

The award ceremony was held in Geneva, Switzerland, this year. Sarpa was also among the finalists along with Reva and were present at the event. The award was sponsored by UC San Diego. The winner thanked its clients and also the air ambulance specialists who have made this possible.

What is ITIJ International Air Ambulance Award?

Every year, ITIJ which stands for International Travel & Health Insurance Journal, presents this award to the most outstanding international air ambulance service providers. Founded in the year 1999, it touches upon the hot topics that pertain to health insurance and travel, including international air ambulance services. The annual award presented by the organization is considered highly prestigious by the industry players. The entries are called in well before time and a panel of judges decides on the winners each other after careful scrutiny.

The Publications by ITIJ

The organization offers independent articles, industry reports, and views pertaining to international air ambulance sector from time to time. It touches upon topics such as cost containment, legislations and industry growth. It also offers the industry players a platform to advertise their achievements. ITIJ is among the few organizations that offer such in-depth focus on the issues that bother the international air ambulance industry. The publication is a sister concern of Air Med and Rescue Magazine, which is well respected in the air ambulance industry. The publication is headed by Ian Cameron who is the editor in chief, supported by a team of journalists.


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