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Jennings Motor Group Helps Air Ambulance Service with £135,000


Motor dealer group Jennings awarded £135,000 to the Great North Air Ambulance Service. The funds were raised by the staff at Jennings to support their chosen charity for 2016. During the presentation of these funds, the motor group also announced that the GNAAS will be their chosen charity for 2017 as well.

Staff Voted for GNAAS

Every year, Jennings Motor Group chooses a charity to support for the year. In order to decide on which charity to support, staff helps in deciding by voting for their favorite charity. Members of their staff participated in an online vote, during which a majority voted to support the Great North Air Ambulance Service for one more year.

GNAAS’s chief executive Grahame Pickering expressed his gratitude towards the staff of Jennings Motor Group for choosing to help their charity for the second year. He stated that the firm is one of their biggest corporate supporters, so another 12 months of support from them could immensely boost their fundraising efforts.

Jennings Donated Brand New Car to the Air Ambulance Service

GNAAS managed to improve their fundraising efforts in 2016 due to the fact that Jennings Motor Group donated a brand new Kia Rio to the charity. This car was used in the charity’s raffle, which helped raise £12,000 to fund the air ambulance operations.

Jennings Motor Group also raised funds through other means such as bake-offs, coffee mornings, and raffles. The staff participated in a number of physical outdoor activities to help raise funds for the air ambulance charity.

The firm’s managing director Nas Khan expressed his delight at the results of their efforts in 2016 and also stated that they look forward to helping the charity for the second year. Khan has even been awarded an Order of the British Empire as a result of his service to charity.

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