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Jordan Air Ambulance Centre Teams Up with MenalTech for Medical Flight Services


While some medical flight service companies are being acquired, others are joining hands with companies in other sectors to provide service to a wider range of patients. The Jordan Air Ambulance Centre has signed a sponsorship and partnership deal with MenalTech, which will enable them to expand their area or service.

More about MenalTech and JAAC

The Jordan Air Ambulance Centre, also known as JAAC, was set up as part of the royal initiative to provide medical evacuation service by air. The initiative was intended to safely get people with medical emergencies from remote areas to medical facilities in Amman, so that they can get specialized medical care.

According to Chief Executive of JAAC, Rami Adwan, the centre runs with the help of two helicopters that have been provided by King Abdullah. These aircrafts are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for providing intensive medical care. This means that the helicopters are capable of providing medical care of ICU-standard.

MenalTech is a Jordanian company, which specializes in developing and provisioning human capital information systems. The company has developed special systems for human resource management, where companies can access these systems either directly or through their cloud computing platform. Some of their products include a payroll and personnel solution, a system for human resource information management, and an employee-manager self-service solution.

Partnership to Provide Better Medical Flight Services

With this partnership, MenalTech has agreed to cover the cost of transporting underprivileged patients from remote areas to hospitals in the Amman. According to CEO Bashar Hawamdeh, this move is intended to support the activities of the air ambulance unit. For MenalTech, this means fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

By providing quality medical flight services to those who cannot afford the cost, JAAC will be enforcing the health sector competitiveness in Jordan. Transferring medical cases in a quick and efficient manner also means saving many lives, which is the responsibility of the air ambulance unit.

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