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Kentucky Considers Regulating Medical Flight Insurance Coverage


It seems to have become a common practice for insurance companies to deny medical flight charges based on the argument that the air ambulance opted for is out of their network coverage. The result is usually a balance bill that amounts to about $40,000 or more. The fact is that most people in the United States do not have such huge amount parked in their bank accounts. The reliability is mainly on health insurances for all medical emergencies and the assumption is that they will cover the medical flight charges. It comes as a huge shock when this belief turns false.

What Kentucky Lawmakers are Proposing for Medical Flight Bill Coverage

Senator Morgan McGarvey who is a democrat says he plans to propose a bill that will compel the medical insurance companies to cover medical flight bills. The bill would make them pay for bills that are generated when patients are transported utilizing the services of air ambulance companies that fall out of their coverage network. He says the bill would compel them to pay the medical flight companies at the same ratio, regardless whether they are in or out of their coverage network. He has also proposed that, for this to work, the medical flight companies will have to keep their pricing transparent, which is not currently the case uniformly throughout the industry.

The Bills Seems to be another Attempt at Taking the Burden off the Citizens of United States

The recent bill introduced by Senator McCaskill had concentrated entirely on regulating the medical flight industry and the onus was less on the insurance companies. This had generated a lot of dissatisfaction among the members of the industry. However, the combination of two laws, if successfully passed and implemented, may come out as a real deal for the common people and take away the worry of being responsible for huge medical flight bills.

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