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Law Firm Receives Charity Partnership Award for Partnering with London’s Air Ambulance Transport


Hogan Lovells, a law firm, has been chosen for the Business Charity Awards under the Charity Partnership, Legal category. The firm’s recognition was a result of their partnership with air ambulance transport charity London’s Air Ambulance. The award recognizes outstanding partnership between a UK-based charity and a company operating in the legal sector.

About their Partnership

Hogan Lovells in 2014 chose London’s Air Ambulance as their local charity of the year. As a result of this decision, the charity was able to purchase a second helicopter, which was highly necessary for their air ambulance transport operations. Although this partnership was only supposed to last for two years, the firm decided to extend it for a third year.

The law firm actively helped London’s Air Ambulance during the search and acquisition of their second helicopter. They carried out all the legal work necessary on a pro-bono basis. They also helped the charity in a worldwide search for a suitable helicopter and provided advice on financing and loans. The charity managed to save more than £77,000 due to this support.

More help for the Air Ambulance Transport

In addition to these efforts, employees at Hogan Lovells also provided huge support in the fundraising efforts for the charity, organizing awareness campaigns and fundraising events. In 2016, they managed to raise £100,000 through a charitable giving program. Some of the events they organized included quiz nights, ballroom dancing contests, and wine tastings. They also sponsored runs and walks as well as absells.

During a period of three years, the Hogan Lovells staff raised £177,517. By acquiring the second helicopter, London’s Air Ambulance was able to reduce their downtime to just five days in one year. So the law firm’s contributions for this charity resulted in them winning the Business Charity Awards under the Charity Partnership, Legal category.

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