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Medical Air Services World – A Few Recent Happenings


The first part of 2015 has certainly been busy for the medical air services companies around the US. The deadline for implementation of FAA safety guidelines, of course, is fast approaching. Internationally, medical air services continue to play a major role in Ebola control. We’ve also seen air ambulance services making way in Asian and African countries. Amid all these developments, we must not forget to acknowledge the smaller accomplishments and milestones being achieved by the medical air services. Here, we discuss a few.

STARS Medical Air Services is Now 30!

This Canadian non-profit, charity organization that delivers medical air services turned 30 recently and celebrated this milestone on the National Aviation Day of Canada. It celebrated its anniversary on the 20th of February which was a Friday, held at its Grande Prairie base, which has been operational since 2006.

Medical Air Services Rescued Several People throughout the Country

A jeep carrying the wrestling team from Cody High School had met with an accident in the Wind River Canyon area in Wyoming on March 23rd. There were a total of five occupants, most of them students. Thanks to medical air services, four of the seriously injured occupants were airlifted to the nearest medical facilities. Three of the occupants Jon Sanchez, David Plumer, as well as Danny Beaudrie – all wrestlers – are reported to be seriously injured.

Another incident occurred in the rural Humboldt on March 20th. The incident involved Michael Bohan, whose hand got stuck under his vehicle while he was trying to change a flat tire. Bohan was reportedly trying to severe his hand with a knife in order to free himself. He was eventually transported to Iowa City utilizing medical air services. Bohan had already lost a few fingers in an earlier incident. It’s not clear whether he has lost a few this time around too.

March 17th saw an accident involving a US Postal truck. The driver of the truck suffered serious injuries and had to be transported via medical air services to a nearby hospital. The accident occurred on Route 126 in suburban Plainfield.

There were no fatalities involving these accidents, some of which even involved children. Some credit definitely goes to the timely help of medical air services.

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