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Medical Air Transport Chopper Crash in Los Angeles


Thankfully, it has been quite some time since we have heard of any medical air transport vehicle crash. The reason behind this is the increased safety standards and of course, the thinned demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Whatever the reason, accidents have been fewer. However, there was recently a helicopter crash that injured three people on board, including the pilot. The medical air transport vehicle was not carrying any patient at the time. It was, in fact, carrying a donated organ for a waiting patient. Thankfully, no occupants lost their lives. It was reported that all of them extricated out of the fallen helicopter without any help.

The Cause of the Medical Air Transport Vehicle Crash is Unknown

The helicopter made a hard landing on the rooftop of the medical building of the University of Southern California. While the cause of the crash is not yet clear, people who were in the vicinity reported that they heard a thud and some debris was flying around. It is expected that the personnel from the National Transportation Safety Board will arrive soon and make an assessment of the crash. They are also expected to investigate the cause behind the crash. The fact that no one was hurt is solace in this situation. The medical air transport chopper did not seem to leak any fuel. It was reported that the threat of a fire breaking out was never there.

The Services were Not Disrupted

It was heartening to note that the donated organ finally reached the patient without any hassle. The patient was awaiting a heart transplant and had probably found a match after a long wait. Arrangements were made immediately such that there was no disruption in the patient’s care. All three occupants who received minor injuries were treated immediately. None of them are in any danger. The donated organ was handed over to the medical staff at USC County Hospital.

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