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Medical Air Transport Service Starts Phone Campaign to Raise Money


Operating and maintaining medical air transport service is expensive and challenging. In addition to the thousands of dollars it takes to operate the flights, charity-funded and non-profit services have to worry about the expensive cost of repair and maintenance for their aircraft. Now the Taranaki Air Ambulance in New Zealand is seeking donations through a phone campaign so they can make enough money to replace the engines on its aircraft.

Expensive cost of Engine Replacement

The Taranaki Air Ambulance is currently organizing a phone campaign asking for donations to help fund an engine replacement for its Cessna aircraft. The aircraft is a Cessna 421 twin engine and its engines are due for replacement soon. The total cost is expected to amount to about $200,000. According to Trust Manager Shona Glentworth, the engines have to be replaced once the aircraft reaches 1600 flying hours, which is about two years.

Now the air ambulance trust is calling around houses and seeking for help from residents in hopes of raising the $200,000. According to Glentworth, this is hopefully the last time the engines will need replacement as they are aiming to raise $2million by 2018, which will help them in purchasing a new plane. Raising more money means being able to provide better medical air transport service for the trust.

The Trust has Carried Out Numerous Medical Air Transport Services

The Taranaki Air Ambulance has managed to transport 126 patients in the past three months. The patients were transported to specialist medical care in hospitals in Hamilton, Wellington, Auckland, and Palmerston North. On an average, the trust manages to transfer almost 10 patients every week. Each of these patients is accompanied by a trained and certified nurse. The Taranaki District Health Board organizes the flights and ensures patients get specialized care in time.

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