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Medical Flight Professionals in the COVID-19 Crisis


The United States is still deeply divided on whether the economy should open up again. It is turning out to be a choice between remaining economically viable and staying healthy. The frontline workers like medical flight professionals are veering towards the careful and well-deliberated opening of the economy. It is not that they are averse to being in the frontline of this epidemic, but there are a lot of factors that must be considered. The prime among their concerns is the lack of personal protective equipment. Besides, ongoing testing is an absolute necessity for not just their protection but also the protection of patients.

We Need to Protect Frontline Medical Flight Professionals

The frontline medical flight professionals who are still functioning amid this pandemic are highly vulnerable to the COVID-19 infection. This fact not only puts them and their family members at risk but also the patients who come in contact with them. It must be understood in this scenario that medical flight professionals constantly come in touch with the older population with ailments. This section of the society is more prone to serious consequences from the COVID-19 infection. The highest death rate today is found in this part of the general public.

The Guilt and Helplessness

Being a medical flight professional is as much a passion as it is work. The frontline workers are out there to make a difference in the world. However, they are now compelled to constantly worry about contracting the infection themselves and spreading it to people. This takes a huge mental toll on medical flight professionals.

The risk of spreading infection is high, especially because a large portion of the infected population is asymptomatic. They may be silent carriers of infection. Imagine what would happen if a medical flight professional was a silent carrier of infection. Intensive and constant testing of frontline workers is the only solution to this problem.

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