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Medical Flight Service Employee Arrested for Fraud


Timothy Lookabaugh is a 58 years old man who was recently fired from his job as a Director of Medical Services at Air Ambulance Worldwide. He had managed to fraudulently pose as a medical professional, specifically a flight nurse, for a period of over 4 years. He had attended to several patients during this time and been on over 50 flights during the time. Thankfully, no emergencies were reported in any of the medical flight service that he was a part of. He had joined the medical flight service organization in the year 2014. He had secured the job fraudulently and had climbed the ranks in that company.

The Investigations Began after the Medical Flight Service Provider had Doubts

It took a full four years for the medical flight service to realize that they had hired an imposter. Timothy had submitted a nursing license number that did not belong to him at all. It originally belonged to a woman who had since retired from the profession. She was a registered nurse. He joined the organization as a flight nurse and later was promoted to being a flight coordinator and ultimately, the director of medical services. The investigations began in May of last year when they realized he was a fraud.

Timothy has Admitted to His Wrongdoings and is Now Terminated

The medical flight service provider had immediately terminated the services of Timothy the moment they realized he was a fraud. He is now under arrest, pending further investigation. At the present time, he is believed to be cooling his heels in Pinellas County Jail. The detectives were initially notified by the Florida Department of Health Investigative Services regarding the potential of a fraud being committed by this Tampa man. The issue came to light when his employer was conducting an internal review.

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