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Medical Flights Across Borders and Travel Insurance


The need for travel insurance is more than ever today with the pandemic still not under control in several parts of the world. Of course, the cost of medical flights from one country to another is a huge concern. However, the vaccine has brought a ray of hope. People who have not traveled to destinations of their choice can now look forward to some fun. Travel insurance will be important for people like these. It is not just about the COVID-19 pandemic but about communicable diseases that still exist. It is natural that a traveler would want treatment in his home country if there were a health eventuality. Medical flights are often the only way out in such situations.

The Premium May Depend on the Vaccination in the Days to Come

It is likely that travel insurance companies will demand proof of vaccination against the COVID-19 infection in the days to come. In this context, one must understand that insurance companies are on a constant quest to reduce the possibility of the insured falling sick. If they do, then the effort is turned towards containing the expenses. Medical flights can be expensive. Besides, repatriation can be a long-drawn process. A vaccine takes away some of the risks.

What if One Chooses not to Get a Vaccination?

The insurance premium may shoot up, at least in the short term. The reason behind this is obvious. People who are not vaccinated carry a higher risk of contracting the infection, which may warrant drastic action such as scheduling medical flights across borders. The insurance provider is likely going to want to cover this risk, and the only way to do this is through a higher premium. Of course, once herd immunity comes into the picture, this risk would naturally come down. However, at this point, it still seems far away.

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