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Merlin Gets New Air Ambulance Transport Service


Residents of Merlin, Oregon, have something to cheer this New Year, especially the Josephine County patients. They no longer have to rely solely on Mercy Flights based out of Medford. The new Oregon Lifeguard air ambulance transport service can now reach them quicker in the life saving exercise. The service will operate out of Grants Pass Airport. Currently, this air ambulance transport service employs a Bell 407 which has already been in use since 14 years. However, Oregon Lifeguard plans of acquiring a Bell 407GX which will enhance the patient loading system and will be capable of carrying an extra person. Currently, this air ambulance transport aircraft is capable of hosting 3 crew members along with the patient.

The Air Ambulance Transport is Well Organized

The choppers used for air ambulance transport are capable of flying in the night. The pilots have been provided with night-vision goggles. The pilots will be working on 12-hour shifts. They will however not fly in foggy conditions. The crew would be present just 500 feet from the air ambulance transport vehicle to ensure quick services. All efforts are being made to ensure that patients in Josephine County get faster and adequate services to better the patient care.

The organization employs 15 people at this point. Kai McSwain is the CEO and MD of Oregon Lifeguard. He previously held a high ranking position in Three Rivers Medical Center. The parent company of Oregon Lifeguard air ambulance transport is Classic Air Medical, a Utah company.

This Air Ambulance Transport is Not Cheap but there is Hope

One thing that you cannot expect from any air ambulance transport company today is affordability. The services start at a price of $16,900. In addition, there is also an additional $185 charge for every mile once the patient is boarded on the air ambulance transport vehicle.

The company, however, has adequate measures in place to contain costs. It offers a $60 membership. This membership would insulate the patients against costs that go uncovered by the insurance companies.

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