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From Mink Ranch to Air Ambulance Services Company


All that Lisa Skroder had to her credit was being “Miss Langley” in 1985. However, today, Lisa has a whole new identity as she heads air ambulance services by the name Trinity Air Ambulance International. This gritty woman has had to face ridicule from competitors for being Miss Langley but has remained unaffected by such underhand comments. The woman, who is also a qualified acute care nurse practitioner, has maintained her unflinching demeanor.

Skroder is Looking at Expanding Her Air Ambulance Services

While Skroder’s air ambulance services have been based in Fort Lauderdale, she is now looking at expansion to Canada. During her visit to the family house this past summer, she made it a point to meet the who’s who in the aviation sector to chalk out an action plan for the purpose. In the corporate world of air ambulance services, Skroder is running it as a family business with the aid of her siblings. Together they have managed to maintain a clean record with zero crashes, lawsuits and accidents.

It Has Been Tough Entering the Air Ambulance Services Market

The company saw its humble beginnings in 1999 with Skroder’s mother financing her primarily through her credit card to the tune of about 50 thousand dollars. It was a tough task trying to get flight charters and she is reported to have approached about 30 firms in total initially. Finally, Skroder ended up having her own airplane and pilot. Looking back, she says she is glad that the firms refused to help her.

The Entry into the Air Ambulance Services Sector was a Confident One

Having the academic credentials for the role, Skroder never had a doubt that she would be successful. Even though she was born in a mink ranch in Langley, she had worked in the air ambulance services field before and was knowledgeable about the nitty-gritty of the sector. The company today employs a crew that is 35-member strong along with 7 pilots. It has been seeing a 10% growth with revenues running into 7 figures. Skroder says that her aim is to cover all of North and South America.

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