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These Models Raise Money and Heat for Air Ambulance Transport


The lovely ladies from Devon, Somerset, and Wiltshire of United Kingdom have set everyone’s pulse racing this season with their new Foxy Hunters Calendar 2015. These models have shed all their clothes, except a few horse-riding gears. Yes, horse-riding gears! These slim ladies are not your regular bikini models. They are in fact horse-riding professionals from the country, although you can call them armatures when it comes to facing the camera. These kind-hearted ladies have come forward to donate the proceeds from the calendar to the regional air ambulance transport companies.

Why Choose an Air Ambulance Transport Company for Charity?

Often, the horse riders are exposed to extreme dangers due to fatal falls and timely treatment can mean the difference between life and death. Recognizing the role of the air ambulance transport in their safety, the ladies have decided to give it “their all” this season. Recently, a member of their horse-riding squad was saved by air ambulance transport after a horse riding accident. The Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance crew were part of the rescue. The Foxy Hunters Calendar has so far raised 25,000 pounds for air ambulance transport this year and is expected to raise more money in the days to come.

The Ladies have a History of Helping Air Ambulance Transport

Foxy Hunters Calendar has been an annual feature since the past six years and was first conceived by photographer David Betteridge in the year 2009. Every year, the proceeds have been passed on to Wiltshire Air Ambulance and Hampshire and IOW Air Ambulance. Laura Quick who was a part of the shoot said the girls had quite a giggle during the shoot and that helping the air ambulance transport was their ultimate aim in posing for the camera. Photographer, David Betteridge, has covered several horse-riding events in his career. Being aware of the risks involved, he was glad to lend a helping hand for the cause of raising money for air ambulance transport. The Foxy Hunters Calendar 2015 is priced at 12.5 pounds and is available at www.foxyhunters.co.uk. The calendars have been selling like hot cakes so far.

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