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New Acquisition for AMR Air Ambulance Service


AMR Air Ambulance, which belongs to American Medical Response, has acquired Life Guard International, a Las Vegas-based fixed-wing air ambulance service. The air ambulance provider made their announcement early in July and this acquisition is meant to offer a flying ICU service to their patients. This will help them fulfill their commitment to patients in need and provide more reliable and timely transportation services.

Strong Reputation for Life Guard International

According to AMR Air Ambulance’s executive director of medical operations, John Paladino, they chose Life Guard international because they have built a strong reputation for providing safe and high-quality services among patients and clients as well as industry leaders.

Life Guard’s established air ambulance service will combine with AMR’s ground ambulance service to provide a comprehensive medical transport service to their patients. Their services will be available for residents in Last Vegas and Southern California as well as Arizona.

Impressive Fleet for Quality Air Ambulance Service

Life Guard International’s Flying ICU is being operated by almost 50 employees, which includes in-flight nurses and paramedics, perfusionists, and physicians. They carry out their operations through four contracted aircrafts, which includes three Beechcraft King Air turboprops and a Learjet 35A.

Flying ICU has a license to operate in Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. They arrange for residents in the southwest to receive emergency fixed-wing medical services in cases where the distance is too long to be covered by an air ambulance helicopter.

Since the base is strategically located, AMR Air Ambulance will now be able to respond to calls more quickly and efficiently. They will no longer have to keep pulling resources from their other base. The partnership is likely to ensure that medical patients receive high-quality medical care and quick transport, increasing their likelihood to survive even in case of emergencies.

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