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New Helicopter to Improve Medical Flight Service of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance


The new helicopter acquired by Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance is now in service. With the new AgustaWestland 169 (AW169), the air ambulance team expects to provide better medical flight service due to more advanced features.

First AW169 to Provide Medical Flight Service in the UK

The new air ambulance helicopter is the first AW169 to be used in air ambulance operations in the U.K. And it’s a result of several years of development and planning by the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance team.

After an extensive evaluation process the air ambulance providers finally decided on the AW169. It is expected that the new aircraft will enable them to enhance the quality of service they provide to residents in the Dorset and Somerset regions.

New Aircraft Enables Easier Operation and Maintenance

According to Bill Sivewright, Chief Executive of Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance, the new helicopter was carefully selected with patient benefit as their top priority. And the capability and flexibility of the AWB169 fully met their criteria, which led to their decision.

The AW169 is also safer and it provides ease of maintenance and operations as a result of the advanced technologies it uses. As for the medical equipment used in the aircraft, it will be as comprehensive as the equipment used in their previous aircraft.

The main difference between the AW169 and the air ambulance’s previous helicopter is the cabin space. Since the new aircraft is more spacious, it’ll enable the critical care team to provide better medical attention and care to patients as they will have complete access to the patient. So even in case the patient needs any medical treatment or intervention en route, they can easily administer it.

Sivewright also said that the air ambulance has always strived for clinical excellence with their medical flight service. And a combination of their critical care team’s expertise along with the advanced capabilities of the new aircraft will enable them to achieve those goals.

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