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New Jet Air Ambulance to be a Game-Changer for Medical Flight Service in New Zealand


Hawkes Bay Air Ambulance in New Zealand announced that they will be commissioning a new Cessna Mustang jet to serve as an air ambulance aircraft for their service. The decision was made in partnership with Skyline Aviation and is expected to be a game-changing move for the medical flight service. The company expects to be able to cut down on flight times and deliver more efficient service with the help of this jet air ambulance.

Reduction in Flight Times with New Jet Air Ambulance

With the help of the Cessna Mustang jet, Hawkes Bay Air Ambulance expects to reduce their flight times by approximately 35%. According to their predictions, they should be able to travel between Napier and Wellington in just over 35 minutes. The distance between Napier and Auckland will be covered in about 40 minutes and Napier to Christchurch will take them about an hour to travel.

Flight Efficiency Expected to Deliver Higher Level of Medical Flight Service

Skyline Aviation’s managing director, Mike Toogood stated that this is a game-changing move for the community. The Mustang will not only be able to cut down on flight time but also on flight costs. And all this would be achieved while enhancing patient safety, comfort, and welfare at a higher level. So overall, it could immensely improve the level of medical flight service provided to people of the region.

The new jet air ambulance can fly up to 21,000 ft and still maintain sea-level cabin pressure. It is expected to be able to operate optimally despite weather and turbulence issues. It is also equipped with synthetic vision and electronically controlled engines as well as safety features that only airliners are equipped with. Now the air ambulance operation will be able to fly patients to specialty medical facilities comfortably and efficiently.

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