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News about the Recent Air Ambulance Crash in Arkansas


We have been following all the news pertaining to the recent unfortunate air ambulance crash that took place in Alaska. All three crew members on board the medical flight had lost their lives and the debris had been found shortly after. The crash had taken place roughly 15 miles from Quartz Creek Airport.

The destination of the air ambulance had been the Seaward Airbase. The idea was to take onboard a patient who was in critical need of care in Providence Seward Medical Center. The medical flight was expected to carry the patient to Anchorage for treatment. However, the weather was particularly bad and two of the previously contacted air ambulance companies had declined to offer their services due to this reason.

It is Now Clear Why the Air Ambulance Took the Call

When Medevac Alaska was contacted, the organization was not informed of the fact that the previous two companies had denied service owing to dangerous weather conditions. Adding to the weather-related risk, was the fact that the air ambulance had taken off at about 6:50 in the evening by which time the visibility was already poor as it was getting dark. The flight had crashed at 7:10, just 20 minutes after takeoff.

Since Medevac does not have any helicopters of its own, it relies on Security Aviation for medical flights. It is ultimately this company that decides whether to take the call or not.

There were Several Witnesses to the Crash

Witnesses reported there were heavy winds that evening and it was pretty dark. They revealed that the air ambulance crashed into the mountains and blew up into flames. One witnessed saw that the wings of the helicopter were moving turbulently. All witnesses reported seeing fire, several of whom immediately placed a 911 call. Federal investigation into the air ambulance crash is currently on.

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