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Northern Ireland Gets its Own Air Ambulance Service


There had been several calls in recent times for a dedicated air ambulance service in Northern Ireland. Several requests had been made to the health ministry regarding the dire need for one. A few years ago, about 700,000 pounds had been collected but no air ambulance service ever saw the light of the day, mainly because about 90% of the collected sum had gone into paying wages. Finally, the health minister of the time had ruled out a dedicated air ambulance service for Northern Ireland, saying it was not at all necessary.

Dr. John Hinds was Vocal About the Need for Air Ambulance Service

Dr. John Hinds could be seen racing behind high-speed motorcycles in the racing circuits with his team of doctors. A racing enthusiast himself, the doc would race along with the participants in his own high-power bike, fully equipped with emergency medical aid. He was always on time when medical emergencies would arrive on the racking tracks. Dr. Hinds had almost gained a legendary status in the racing circuits. He was also one of the most vocal voices that demanded air ambulance services for Northern Ireland.

The Voices Demanding Air Ambulance Service Grew Stronger after Dr. Hinds’ Death

Dr. Hinds unfortunately met with a fatal motorcycle accident and succumbed to his injuries a couple of weeks back. The entire biking community of the region had mourned his loss. London’s Air Ambulance Service had stated that the doctor was a “true friend and advocate of air ambulance community.”

As if a tribute to this great personality, it has been announced now that Northern Ireland would have its own air ambulance service. It is aimed at helping patients and victims in the remote parts of the country. The air ambulance service will start with one chopper and will cost about 1.8 million pounds each year.

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