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Octogenarian Raises Thousands for Air Ambulance Charity


Last year, a UK-based air ambulance charity had played an instrumental role in rescuing a woman who was in her 80s. On one fateful day, as she was on her way, attending to some church-related tasks, she had met with an accident involving a bus. The incident had left her with a severely injured leg. Not receiving treatment on time would have meant the loss of a limb or worse, a threat to her life. This was the time when the local air ambulance had come to her rescue. In no time, she was transported to a nearby hospital where she made a remarkable recovery.

Expressing Gratitude Towards the Air Ambulance Organization

The incident had occurred in Halifax, United Kingdom. Yorkshire air ambulance had come to the woman’s rescue in time. It must be noted in this context that the air ambulance organization largely depends on funds raised by the public. As a token of gratitude, the woman set out to organize a charitable event. Initially, the goal was to raise about 3,000 British pounds. The modest target was in line with what most charitable events manage to conjure. However, to the woman’s surprise, the effort managed to raise well over 14,000 British pounds.

The Pensioner had Organized a Walkathon

The Octogenarian celebrated her most recent birthday in style. She organized an 8-mile walk. A total of 52 people took part in the event. A whole range of activities from raffle and pie to sponsorships were organized to raise funds. The walk itself was like a long-drawn carnival spread over six months. It must be noted that, on average, it takes about 12,000 British pounds per day for an air ambulance organization to stay afloat. The amount raised was more than enough for the company to run its services for a whole day, which is quite remarkable.


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