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Old Bras are Fueling this Air Ambulance Service in Bristol


Bristol is a city in the UK with a population of over 400 thousand and over 1 million people in the Larger Urban Zone. With this huge population, it is not surprising that medical emergencies crop up frequently without warning. Great Western Air Ambulance Charity or GWAAC is an organization that has been helping the residents in the region with its air ambulance service. Its air ambulance service is a part of the 999 regional emergency response. The admirable aspect of their air ambulance service is that it is run solely on the contributions by the general public and receives no government funding at all. It goes without saying that running an efficient air ambulance service without adequate financial support is not a small feat. However, the organization has come up with an ingenious way to raise finances – collecting old bras!

How are Bras Funding the Air Ambulance Service?

GWAAC has tied up with Sainsbury’s in Ashton and have given a call to the general public to flush their wardrobes of all their old and worn out bras. In turn, these bras are recycled and sold. Of course, the proceeds directly go to the charity’s air ambulance service. The organization’s air ambulance service is operational throughout the year and round the clock. It is also perhaps the youngest air ambulance service in the country. Their air ambulance service is already catering to about 100 emergencies a month. The organization has even upgraded its air ambulance service with the addition of an EC135 chopper.

The Air Ambulance Service is receiving an Overwhelming Response

The manager of fundraising for GWAAC, Emma Carter, revealed that the organization is delighted by the response they are getting. Arrangements have been made by the organization to hand over used bras at the customer service counters in Sainsbury’s and the initiative would go on until October 9. The initiative is a standing ode to the phrase “where there is a will, there is a way.”

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