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Pafford Resumes Air Ambulance Service in Pine Bluff


Pafford Air One, the Pine Bluff-based air ambulance service has resumed their services after three of their crew members were killed in a helicopter crash in November. After conducting a thorough investigation, the National Transportation Safety Board has ruled that the crash of the Pafford Air One Bravo resulted from multiple bird strikes as it flew over the Hamptons Reservoir.

Company Retires Helicopter Name to Show Respect for Deceased Crew Members

As a result of the crash, three of the air ambulance’s crew members lost their lives – John Trey Auld III, James Spruiell, and Mike Bollen, an Air Methods pilot. To show respect for these deceased crew members, the air ambulance has decided to retire the Air One Bravo name. They have replaced it with the Pafford Air One-Echo moniker.

On January 12, Friday the air ambulance service had a company-wide radio silence to further pay respect. They then resumed their service following this. According to their new release, the team has made a lasting commitment to be as passionate as Jim, as precise as Mike, and as spirited as Trey.

Company to Continue Providing Lifesaving Air Ambulance Service in Rural Regions

The medical helicopter services of Pafford Air One extend to Clarksdale, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Ruston in addition to Pine Bluff. They have been able to maintain a safety record of more than 20,000 flying hours since they began their services in 2006. As a result of their help, thousands of patients have been able to receive lifesaving services.

The company aims to continue providing high-quality service for patients who reside in rural areas where the response and transport times can negatively impact the outcome. Their service can ensure that critically ill or injured patients can get the quality of care they require before it’s too late.

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