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Prince William is Almost a Medical Air Transport Pilot Now


We had reported earlier that Prince William is making an entry into the medical air transport world and was undergoing training. It has been revealed now that the Royal has inched closer to becoming a full-time medical air transport pilot soon. He has already cleared 14 “extensive” examinations that are mandated before flying any air ambulance in the United Kingdom. He has shown interest in flying as many hours as possible to serve the public and also has stated that he would fly both night and day.

What’s Keeping Him Away from Medical Air Transport

Prince William is yet to cover certain crucial aspects of his training before actually getting into rescue missions through medical air transport. He will now have to finish ground school training. This training would involve simulated flying where he would be required to acquire skills to fly in bad weather, which is so much a part of any air ambulance rescue mission. The announcement about the Prince’s progress was made after he embarked on a short tour of China as well as Japan earlier.

He will be a Medical Air Transport Pilot by Summer

He will officially be an employee of East Anglian Air Ambulance this summer. This will happen only after he receives some additional training through Bond Air Services. Of course, all his salary as an employee of East Anglian Air Ambulance company would go to a charity of his choice. The rest of his training will commence after his second tour to China and Japan. The Prince has previously been part of the Royal Air Force, although he has retired from active service currently. So, flying is nothing new for William. He was a search and rescue chopper pilot before he retired from the Royal Air Force. He has a total of 7-1/2 years of active military service under his belt.

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