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Prince William Finally Begins Flying Air Ambulance


Prince William has since long been training to be an air ambulance pilot and the time has finally arrived where he starts his new role. The event has come in the Royal’s life just a few days before his wife, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is due to give birth to their child. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that a lot has been happening in the Prince’s life lately.

Prince Will Get a Break from his Job as Air Ambulance Pilot

Prince Willam will be going on a paternity leave once his wife delivers their child. Being a prince also brings some royal duties which he would have to fulfill after the child is born. In fact, he has already been granted leave to be with his family on this happy occasion.

The Final Leg of Training for Flying Air Ambulance is Still Going On

It must be noted that Prince Willam had been a part of the Royal Air Force before and already has some experience under his belt. He has now begun training since March 30 to fly for East Anglian Air Ambulance. As we have already mentioned in our earlier features, he is employed by Bond Air Services to carry out his services.

Prince William is the first of his family to be employed outside the British defence forces. Most of his family has either limited them to fulfilling their royal duties or only worked for the British defence forces so far. However, the Prince has revealed that his endeavor is to serve the people of the country by flying air ambulances.

Prince William will discharge his duties from the air ambulance headquarters located in Gloucester and Staverton, apart from the airfields in Cambridge as well as Norwich. The air ambulance world is eagerly waiting to welcome Prince William to its folds, which will happen only around June of this year.

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