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Prince William On His Air Ambulance Experience


Prince William is no stranger to tough situations. He has been a part of the Royal Air Force and has served in Afghanistan before where he was actively part of rescue missions. It was with this experience that he had also taken up his job as a pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance. Ever since then, the cause of air ambulance services has been dear to William. He has taken up every opportunity to support these services and highlighted the hurdles that the personnel of this industry face each day. He has also been quite vocal about mental health issues.

Prince William on the Mental Impact Working as An Air Ambulance Pilot

During his time as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, William had come across several instances where he had to rescue little children from dire situations. He revealed how it is not just about rescuing these children and getting them to the treatment facilities on time. The sight of the situation itself is quite emotional and can have a deep impact on one’s mind. The Prince has been highlighting the importance of catering to frontline air ambulance workers’ need for psychological wellbeing.

Frontline Workers Cannot Fully Detach themselves from Situations

Speaking at a public forum recently, Prince William revealed that the frontline workers are expected to work like robots, trying to make the best of the situation without letting emotions come in the way. However, over time, once the situation is tackled, it is natural that they recall the incidents. The situation becomes especially tough when children are involved as people tend to relate their own families to the incident. He said that he had often been in situations like these and found it quite tough to get over them psychologically. William was highlighting the need to consider the mental health of frontline workers.

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