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Prince William’s First Day as Air Ambulance Pilot


Five months of intense training and 14 examinations later, Prince William is now a air ambulance pilot. The Prince who has previous experience as a Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot was reported to be a bit “nervous” the first day according to his own admission.

William joined East Anglian air ambulance only about a week ago and will be drawing about 40,000 pounds all of which he would donate to a charity of his choice, although he has not named it. The prince returned after his paternity leave, where he fulfilled all his royal duties and also christened his daughter, Princess Charlotte.

William Teams with Dr Gemma Mullen in the Air Ambulance

Dr. Gemma Mullen seemed to be all excited and a bit nervous working with the royal in the air ambulance. However, the Prince was reported to be a pleasure to work with by not just Dr. Mullen but other colleagues too. Many drew a similarity between the Duchess of Cambridge and Gemma, especially owing to their chestnut brown hair. The doctor is 33 years old, same as the Duke.

The First Call for Air Ambulance Rescue

Minutes after Prince William reported for duty, he was asked to go on a rescue mission involving an accident. However, as the preparations for flight were being made, it was reported that the accident was not severe enough to warrant an air ambulance rescue.

The prince then spent the rest of the day doing safety checks on the newly acquired H145 T2 chopper and also fueling it. The Duke of Cambridge will work as a co-pilot until he gains more experience with air ambulance rescue. The typical shift of an air ambulance pilot is about 9.5 hours each day; however, the Duke will only be serving for about 6 hours a day owing to his royal duties, though initially he might serve the full working hours to learn more about his new air ambulance job.

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