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REVA Air Ambulance Receives Accreditation from International Business Aviation Council


REVA is the largest fixed-wing medical flight company in the United States and has been operational since years. Well known for its safety standards, the air ambulance company has now received accreditation by International Business Aviation Council (IBAC) and the associations that partner with this council. Getting this endorsement is no small achievement as the organizations have to undergo some rigorous appraisals and audits. It is believed that the company had to submit a 400-item checklist to the council to earn this accreditation.

The Process of Accreditation was Quite Extensive for the Air Ambulance Company

Since the primary focus is on safety the pre-existence of a “culture” that promotes it is vital felt Emma Roberts who is the director of safety at REVA. Post an extensive review of the safety checklist submitted by the company, it had to undergo an in-person audit by the council. Prior to all this, a three-day boot camp was held for the personnel of the company. The final step was a roundtable review, which involved all departmental representatives that included mechanics, pilots and the management. This was a part of the on-site survey that IBAC conducted. The purpose behind all this is to ensure that the safety claims are not merely a show and are implemented for real.

What does the Accreditation mean for the Air Ambulance Giant?

The accreditation by International Business Aviation Council is recognized internationally. For REVA, it means that they hold patient safety to be their top priority. It seeks to inspire confidence among its customers to use their air ambulance services. It also shows that the company is open to scrutiny about its safety best practices by an external party. REVA has previously been nominated and even won the ITIJ Air Ambulance Provider of the Year award. This, however, is a new high for the medical flight company.

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