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Role of Medical Flights during Infectious Epidemics


Medical flights form an integral part of the mechanism that is employed to tackle infectious epidemics such as Novel Coronavirus. It is well known that the virus is spreading at an exponential rate at the current time, and most of China is currently trying hard to control the problem. However, a lot of questions remain. Whether the infection will spread across the borders with the same intensity is among the vital questions. Currently, over 25 countries have reported this infection. The main hurdle during this time is tackling the problem well in time, which is only possible when people are given the right care on time, and medical flights can help.

Medical Flights for Rural Epidemics

Treatment and quarantine facilities can be effortlessly made available in urban areas, but when it comes to rural areas, the story is completely different. Infections like Coronavirus are known to spread rapidly. Every infected person can potentially infect another 4 people. In this context, quarantine becomes as important as the treatment itself in the interest of keeping the rest of the population safe. The question is how to arrange facilities within a short period? In a country that is as vast as the United States, it is not wise to go around building quarantine facilities throughout. The wiser thing to do is making available well-equipped medical flights to bring the infected patients to the quarantine and treatment facilities.

Medical Flights are an Efficient and Economical Choice

The United States boasts one of the highest numbers of medical flights in the world. The price of the service, though, has been a concern at times. However, with mass demand during an epidemic, the cost is obviously going to be much lower due to the high demand, as fixed costs are distributed among a wide customer base. Also, the availability of medical flights throughout the rural United States means that they are the best bet in the fight against epidemics.

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