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Rotorua Fights for Keeping Air Ambulance


In Rotorua, New Zealand, where the road transport leaves much to desire, air ambulances are not a privilege but a necessity. During medical emergencies, roads are not a viable option to get patients the required medical care on time. That’s where air ambulances come in. Expensive as they may be in certain cases, they’re the only way around these parts.

Can’t Make Do without Air Ambulances

The region’s hazardous terrain makes air ambulances the only way to go for the common Rotoruan’s safety. The beautiful cliff scenery can turn into a life-threatening accident at a moment’s sloppiness. The necessity of having an air ambulance has grown on the locals of the area. The helicopter has turned into a cape-less superhero for the people.

Mayor Asks for Commoners’ Voice

It is believed that the country’s government may soon discontinue the air ambulance services to the area. However, Mayor Steve Chadwick, is trying to draw attention to the local need. Air ambulances have helped several people get instantaneous medical treatment they need. She promised to get the matter to the Parliament House and fight to keep the air ambulance which is more than just a helicopter for the locals. It recently rescued a family from a collision in a car, making its way down State Highway 27 with a truck that was barrelling down State Highway 29. The car was carrying two parents and three children, one of whom had been dealt with serious injuries to the head.

Bills Paid as a Thank You Rather than Fee

Air ambulances are more than welcome in Rotorua. Seeing that air ambulances have been nothing but revered there, the worries of paying the bill have been transformed into a way of thanking the people who saved their or their loved one’s life. Every Rotoruan has voiced his or her opinion on saving the air ambulance service.

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