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Royal Medical Flight Pilot’s Security


Yes, we’re speaking about Prince William. Recently, the Price had to go on a medical flight mission to HM Prison Highpoint, Suffolk. The call for emergency medical care from the prison was made when one of the inmates suffered a seizure. The Prince, however, did not enter the prison and stood by the medical flight. He was accompanied by a royal protection officer as well as four prison guards. There were several onlookers who were trying to get a glimpse of the Prince but they were kept at a distance by the guards.

When you look at it, the medical flight job that William is currently involved demands that he land in places filled with common people most of the time, which raises a need for heightened security; after all, he is second in line to the British Throne.

There is Security in the Medial Flight too

It is widely believed that Prince William always has security officers accompanying him in the medical flight. Although air ambulances typically are constrained for space, an exception has been made for the star medical flight pilot. While it is speculated that only one security officer accompanies William, it is not known exactly how many accompany him.

Earlier suggestions were made that the security officer/s too be trained to provide emergency medical assistance, although it is not known whether this advice was heeded or not.

Security of William’s Medical Flight is always an Issue

Earlier an app that tracks any aircraft including a medical flight was cited as security threat. It was opined that the app could be used by terrorists to track William’s medical flight location. The data of the medical flight was subsequently removed from the app.

William is perhaps the best brand ambassador that the air ambulance industry could have had. He also donates his entire salary of 40,000 pounds to an undisclosed charity.

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