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Sheridan County Gets a New Airambulance


Wyoming Life Flight airambulance is now serving the community of Sheridan County. The services were commenced officially on 15th of April this year. Life Flight airambulance would be basing one chopper in Sheridan Memorial Hospital. The services will be operational throughout the week, round the clock.

The Airambulance will Make Emergency Care More Accessible

According to the hospital’s CEO, Mike McCafferty, the arrival of airambulance has meant that people in the surrounding areas will now get medical care during emergencies in a matter of minutes, which previously took hours. The time between Gillette and the hospital will now be about 30 minutes while the distance between the hospital, and Billing and Crow Reservation will be 44 and 26 minutes respectively. Taking the patients via airambulance from Sheridan Memorial Hospital to other hospitals will also take lesser time.

The Logistics of Airambulance Service

The airambulance would operate from Casper but will respond to emergencies anytime a call is given. Dr. William Selde who is a part of the hospital’s emergency department is also the medical director of Wyoming Life Flight. Dr. Selde is board certified when it comes to handling emergencies. A total of 14 people will be dedicated to maintaining the airambulance, which includes pilots, paramedics, nurses, and mechanics. A majority of the crew resides in Sheridan County itself. Life Flight is a part of Air Methods.

The people of Sheridan County must remember that airambulance transport can cost thousands of dollars. They are advised to opt for coverage through options like OmniAdvantage that can be availed for as little as $49 per year. If you have this option, Air Methods would accept the amount paid by your insurance company as full payment, regardless of it actually covering the whole airambulance bill. You would have to pay once each year and your entire family can be covered through this option.

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