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Some Air Ambulance Companies are Doing the Right Thing


The controversy surrounding air ambulance companies and the insurance industry is all over the media these days. While some consider insurance companies to be in the wrong, others are pointing fingers at air ambulance organizations. The irony, however, is that none of the people seem to realize that it is business for both the industries. Profitability tops the agenda for everyone and this is nothing but natural in a capitalistic economy like that of the United States of America. However, some air ambulance companies are doing their bit to not burden the common people, at least until this entire controversy blows away.

Air Ambulance Companies are Going In Network

It might seem like a war of egos as much as it is about commerce, but some medical flight organizations are going the extra mile to ensure that people aren’t caught in between. Take for instance REVA, which has the distinction of being the largest provider when it comes to fixed wing medical flights. It has recently partnered with several insurance companies so that the patients are covered when they avail their services. It is a noble effort by the provider. The reason: “No one knows when a medical emergency will arise” as rightly pointed out by Shannon Schell who is the Chief Executive Office of the company.

Patients Often Do Not Have Say in Choice of Air Ambulances

When emergencies are life-threatening, it is entirely in the hands of the treating physicians or first responders to make the decision pertaining to air ambulances. The patients are forced to comply with their decision. More concerning is the fact that they cannot even choose the air ambulance company they wish to associate with. If the company happens to be out of network, then there is a high possibility that the patient will be presented with a ‘balance bill’ at some point.

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