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Special Designation Awarded to Wellmont’s Air Ambulance Service


Wellmont’s dedicated air ambulance service, WellmontOne Air Transport, has managed to achieve a special designation to recognize the quality of its service. The company has been delivering emergency care and transport in the region for nearly a decade. WellmontOne Air Transport has been provided with full accreditation by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems for the next three years.

WellmontOne’s Preparation Paid Off

The air ambulance service has been thoroughly preparing for almost a year. And after making a rigorous, two-day site visit the evaluators have deemed the program worthy of granting full accreditation. The Commission inspected and examined several aspects of WellmontOne’s operations. It also ensured that the service has a dedicated support structure and comprehensive safety services before deciding on granting the service with this status.

The COO and EVP of Wellmont Health System, Eric Deaton has expressed the company’s admiration for WellmontOne’s medical staff and pilot and their relentless commitment. The team has been able to provide exceptional care to patients experiencing medical conditions that are potentially life-threatening.

Thorough Inspection of Air Ambulance Service

During their on-site visit, the evaluators carefully reviewed the aviation and safety processes of WellmontOne as well as its quality assurance. They inspected the way they stock their supplies in the helicopter, ensuring that the helicopter is fully equipped with all the medication and critical care equipment required for providing patient care.

The evaluators also found it crucial to analyze the quality improvement standards of WellmontOne. According to the director of flight services for WellmontOne, Anita Perry, a major strength is the kind of support provided for the program by top administrators in the health system.

The base for WellmontOne is at Bristol Motor Speedway. The program has catered to the emergency service requirements of residents in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee since 2008.

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